Easy, Man-friendly Eco Habits

Easy, Man-friendly Eco Habits

June 2014

Going green can sometimes seem like it would take a complete overhaul of your daily routines – in reality, there are easy steps that you can take to integrate green behavior in your everyday tasks!


1. Check out the local vintage shop – secondhand clothes not only save you money, but help reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Thousands of garments are simply thrown away each year, it is important to donate items you don’t want and snatch up those quality vintage purchases!


2. Recycle – it is 2014, we all know the basics of recycling. This change is one that most cities make easy for you with collection days and coloured bins for sorting at home. Look for the 3-arrowed symbol on bins around your town as well – those garbage bins really don’t need that empty pop can!


3. Reduce food waste – does it seem like at the end of every week we are tossing away half the refrigerator? Be smart when grocery shopping – try meal planning and simply buying the items you know you’re going to eat during that week. This habit will not only cut back on wasted food, it’ll help on the wallet!


4. Hit the lights – cutting down on electricity usage around the home is a quick eco-habit. All electronics are constantly seeking energy from their plugs, even if you aren’t using them. Grab a power bar for busy outlets that can easily be turned off when you leave the house.


5. Lighten your lead foot – we all enjoy getting there quicker, but as your travel speed increases, your fuel efficiency lowers. For compact cars, the difference may be minimal but for large gas-guzzlers, you are not only using more gas, you’re spending more money! Keep it under the speed limit to cut back on those emissions (and dollars!) or try carpooling and other methods of transit!


Try not to bite off more than you can chew – add one of these easy habits to your routine each week and by the end of the month, they’ll be second-nature!