Eco Fashion by Dagg & Stacey

Eco Fashion by Dagg & Stacey


Dagg & Stacey


When it comes to environmentally conscious fashion, Dagg & Stacey, a local Toronto brand, are the ultimate choice. Founded in 2001, the label started in a fully sustainable way. They began producing their clothing solely from recycled materials and vintage fabrics. The line is designed and manufactured in Toronto and they cut to order. Their studio runs sustainably and has a zero waste policy with regard to production. Dagg & Stacey is the definition of quality, impeccable design and craftsmanship.  Fashion Weekly got the opportunity to interview the brand owners about their line and remaining sustainable.


FW: How did the brand get started?

D&S: Stacey and I actually started our business in an entirely sustainable way.  We met while working at a vintage clothing store re-working/modeling vintage items to sell in the shop.  We especially had a knack for taking apart and re-imagining old sweaters. This led us to start Dagg and Stacey in late 2001.


FW: How do you remain sustainable?

D&S: As we’ve grown we’ve definitely evolved, shifting from entirely re-made to introducing vintage fabric and eventually ended up with a women’s contemporary line cut from new carefully chosen fabric.  We prefer to use natural fibres and whenever possible source textiles that are sustainable.


FW: What are some challenges you face being a sustainable brand?

D&S: The higher cost and availability of sustainable fabric does make it a bit difficult, especially because our labour costs are so high but it’s really important to us that our production remain in Canada.  This way, we can really develop lasting relationships with our contractors, make sure that their working conditions are top notch and that they are paid a fair wage


FW: Where can our readers go to purchase?

D&S: Dagg and Stacey can be purchased at boutiques across North America and specifically in Toronto at Distil, Frock, Shopgirls, Homegrown and our online shop,