Elanna Pecherle- Beauty Blogger

Elanna Pecherle- Beauty Blogger

By Madison Lynch

Elanna Pecherle has taken over the beauty blogging world this past year! At only age 24 she has gained a combined following of over 75,000 on YouTube and Instagram!

Born and raised in Brampton, ON she started doing hair and makeup for her friends and family at a young age. Clearly entrepreneurship is in her blood, starting her own hair and makeup wedding business, as well as doing proms and graduations. She worked as a pro artist for Anastasia Beverly Hills and started consistently making beauty videos on YouTube as her 2015 New Years Resolution. With the persuasion of friends and family she knew that YouTube was the path she wanted to take.

Consistency has been the key to Elanna’s success. Uploading as much as possible, as often as possible, content that she is proud of and that is relevant. Committing to uploading 2 videos a week for the first 5 months, she believes is what really kick started her following. To separate her from the many beauty bloggers out there today, being relatable is what makes her stand out. Staying true to herself so her followers can get to know her personality has been very important. Showing every average girl out there a practical way to be a their own version of a beauty queen. Filming from her own bedroom helps show us all that however complicated her hair or makeup may appear to be, it is doable for anyone. Working part-time for Urban Decay it can be difficult for Elanna to set aside the time needed to film, edit and upload. It is quite the commitment to always get in front of a camera and film for thousands to see. Which is why it’s important to always stay inspired. Tanya Burr and Carli Bybel are two beauty bloggers that have had a strong influence on Elanna and her own channel.

With her recent move to Ireland she has been able to expand her audience to the UK, while allowing her Canadian viewers to follow her on her European journey. Let’s be real though, life in Ireland looks pretty amazing so all of us here in Canada are just cold and jealous.

For the best hair and makeup tips and tricks make sure to subscribe to Elanna’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ellepearls and follow her on Instagram @ellepearls as well as snapchat elanna.pecherle

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