Escape to Burlington

Escape to Burlington

July 2013

Sarah A.

The gym isn’t for everyone, and we know that trying to exercise outside in the city can be a hassle! With traffic, people, and limited space, workouts in the city can be anything but serene. Fashion Weekly has scouted out a place that’s relaxing, quiet, and filled with amazing places to do all kinds of fitness activities. Whether you’re with your family or by yourself, the forty-five minute escape to Burlington will leave you feeling calm and rejuvenated!



            Slip on your running shoes and hit the downtown core! Located right on the edge of Lake Ontario, the Burlington boardwalk is long, spacious, and the cool breeze from the water is refreshing. Stretch on the grass beneath the old willow trees, or even try out some yoga with a friend! Before heading home, stop by in one of their many little cafes for an espresso and an afternoon read.



            With tons of conservation areas in Burlington, it is the perfect place for a family day trip! Pack a picnic and take a stroll through Bronte Creek Provincial Park! If you’re alone and looking for more endurance, head to Mount Nemo for a long inclined hike. The view is beautiful and it has the best cliff ecosystems in Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment.


            Burlington is a great getaway that could last anywhere from a couple hours to a whole weekend. Don’t let the humidity and the tourists oblige you to staying indoors this summer, escape to Burlington where you will find peace and a fresh new atmosphere!


There are lots of activities and festivals that will be taking place this summer! Check out their website for more information:


Happy Hiking!