Estee Lauder Fall 2013 Sneak Peak

Estee Lauder Fall 2013 Sneak Peak

Pamela Mermigas


Fashion Weekly Magazine got the opportunity to attend Estee Lauder’s Fall 2013 Collection Preview. There are many exciting items Estee Lauder has to offer this upcoming fall. They produced products that are to die for, as the items are refreshing yet tasteful. They are truly professionals at creating items that would be useful for all ages. Not only are there new products from Estee Lauder but there also will be a number of pleasing items from AERIN, a company started by Estee’s own granddaughter Aerin Lauder. The items reflect simplicity and elegance.


Other then the fact that their new collection is amazing, they provided an unforgettable experience to the team.  As they made us feel like royalty, providing us with a superb lunch and fabulous gifts.  Teaching us about the history and evolution of Estee Lauder. An aspect that is greatly respected to the Estee Lauder brand is that no matter how much they evolve, the simplicity is never lost. Estee Lauder truly comes from decades of inspiration. Possessing an Estee Lauder product is truly a luxury.


Keep your eyes open this upcoming fall, as Estee Lauder will bring upon another bestseller!