Exotic & Luxury Travel Destinations for 2013

Exotic & Luxury Travel Destinations for 2013

jan 2013

by clayton hon


Featuring world-class modern resorts and hotels, Egypt is the place to visit for its warm weather and enormous amount of ancient sites. For those who also like to take a nice swim while on vacation, this destination would be perfect because of its clear blue waters and activities which include diving or snorkelling.

Something to also take notice of would be the new development of luxury hotels in ‘Taba Heights’, which includes shops, restaurants, spas, a medical clinic, golf courses and even a water park; you name it, they probably have it.


Despite its size, Portugal definitely has an abundance of offerings ranging from beaches to mountain scenery. In addition, a key asset of this location is undeniably its great and breezy weather, which is perfect for those who like to surf!
Some top locations to consider visiting while in Portugal would include Lapeiras (found on the island of Porto Santo), Santa Cruz (which houses over twenty beaches), Albufeira (once a small fishing village), and Almancil (a small village known for their locally-produced pottery).

Canary Islands

Home to such things as exquisite cuisine and beauty and spa treatments, Canary Islands a place that you’d wouldn’t regret taking a trip to. While there, be sure to visit Agua de Bueyes (which has museums and beaches) or El Abrigo if you’re looking for a quiet getaway that involves sea food crafted by local restaurants right next to the beautiful harbour.