Explore some of Toronto’s must-see exhibitions

Explore some of Toronto’s must-see exhibitions

By Kelsey Lyons

Spring is here, or is it? Seems like winter will be staying for a little while longer. Doesn’t mean your spring plans are ruined, why not cosy up in the art galleries of Toronto? There are many exhibitions to see during April and May, here are a few that I think are a must-see:

Art Gallery of Ontario- AGO

Outsiders: American Photography and Film (1950s-1980s)

Mar. 12-May 29

By Nan Goldin Picnic on the Esplanade (1973)

By Nan Goldin
Picnic on the Esplanade (1973)

American Photography and film participated immensely in the image of American life and how others perceived it. Photographers and filmmakers believed that American life wasn’t being visually represented well, so they took their own take of what they thought American life was like and demonstrated what they saw. This exhibition is a highlight of the AGO Year of Photography and it will feature work by Diane Arbus, Danny Lyon, Nan Goldin, Gordon Parks and more.

Painting Tranquility: Masterworks by Vilhelm Hammershøi

Vilhelm Hammershøi is a famous Danish artist and this will be the first time his work will be displayed in a public collection in Canada. He attended the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He’s become a popular favourite amongst poets and writers because of his contemplative works. He’s described as a “Painter of pauses, silences and in-between spaces,” — Mikel Bogh, director of the National Gallery of Denmark.The exhibiton will feature many portraits, including one of his wife (Ida Ilsted, 1890.) — a popular favourite.


SuperReal: Pop Art from the AGO Collection


Featuring popular and iconic photos from the 1960s, pop artists in America photographed, drew and painted what America was perceived to be after World War II.

Being displayed are some of the most important works of art, including:

Claes Oldenburg’s Floor Burger (1962)
Floor Burger

Andy Warhol’s Elvis I and II (1963–4)

Royal Ontario Museum


Apr. 2-Sept. 5

This exhibition explores the history, evolution and above all the meaning of tattoos. Tattooing is a 5,000 year old trend, which showcases the world’s history and different cultures. The exhibition will introduce you to popular tattoo artists, their work, and the stories behind them and their work.

¡Viva México! Clothing and Culture

May 9-23

sm China Poblana ROM2015_14469_16

The evolution of Mexican Fashion is rich and filled with culture. There will be 150 pieces on display, including some costume, textiles, beadwork and more.

Design Exchange

Plasti Scene:

Apr. 29

This exhibition is inspired by the Classis Plastics Exhibition and will include some of the work of Emanuel Pavao, Eleanor King, more. These artists’ works are inspired by and are put together with plastic-based materials.

The Happy Film

May 1

Stephan Sagmeister is an Austrian graphic designer and he now lives in New York. Previously he has designed album covers for artists such as Jay-Z, but this time he decided to turn himself into a design project. Sagmeister wondered if he could re-design his personality and become a better person and train his mind to be happier? This film walks the viewers through his journey and experiences. The experiments conducted consist of meditation, therapy and drugs, there are of course pitfalls throughout the journey, but the film offers the viewers a chance to have certain questions about life, love and happiness answered.


Sheri Bakes

Apr. 9-23


sheri bakes

Canadian painter, Sheri Bakes is known for work that explores light and wind in nature. Her work has been shown at Bau-Xi Galleries in both Toronto and Vancouver since 2002. Her collection will be featured as a solo exhibition until Apr. 23.

Wellington Street Art Gallery

Agathe Girard: “Landscapes from within”

May 16-31


Agatha Girard is a Canadian abstract painter. Girard uses her childhood memories, growing up along the western shores of Quebec as inspiration for her work. She uses rich, yet subtle colours, using abstract to form human faces and landscapes.

agathe 2

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