Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

Eyebrows For Your Face Shape

October 2013

By: Jennifer Chen


Your eyebrows say a lot about you. An arched eyebrow show amusement, a straighter brow can look more professional, and thicker brows give a youthful appearance. But what exactly is the best eyebrow shape for your face shape?


Square Face


Square shaped faces should have eyebrows that soften the more defined angles to their face. This can be achieved with a slightly less high arch where the eyebrows are more straight and rounded towards the end.


Round Face


In contrast to a square face, round faces require more structure to counteract the fullness of their facial structure. This can be achieved with a more structured arch and fuller brows. Trust us, thin brows are not the way to go. The fullness will keep your features looking balanced while the more structured arch elongates your face, making your face appear more oval.


Oval Face

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Oval faces can sometimes appear too long. Therefore, it is best to steer clear of a high arch. Instead, opt for a straighter brow shape with only a faint arch. By doing this, you will avoid further elongating your face and balance your features instead. However, most oval shaped faces can also get away with a higher arch due to the natural symmetry most oval shaped faces already possess.


Heart Shaped Face


Most people with heart shaped faces have quite prominent bone structure. To soften a more pointed chin, try a more rounded eyebrow shape. However, avoid a too circular shape as it will look too intense and fight for attention on your face. Instead, go with a rounded but very slightly arched shape to complement but not take away from your facial features.


So whether your eyebrow shape is straight or arched, make sure it complements your facial features. And when deciding whether to go thinner or thicker, always try to stay as close as your natural eyebrow shape. After all, natural beauty is the most desired beauty.