Fall Trends 2013

Fall Trends 2013

October 2013

Ashley DeFrancesco

Toronto is known for its unique street style, now that it is getting cooler outside, fashionistas are pulling out all the fall trends.  Layering is a key factor when transitioning season.  You can use items from past seasons and add in the next to create a whole new look without buying more. Every season as its staple colours we tend to see each year.  Example: Summer- bright, pastel, floral patterns, etc., Fall- warmer, dark, rich colours, etc.  Usually there are a couple trendy colours that people wear to make an outfit stand out. 

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This season you will see a lot of leather and a lot of red.  Leather is a luxurious fabric that everyone can dress up or down.  It is the ultimate piece that everyone, men and women, should invest in.  Styles will change, but focus more on the fit!  Leather it not just for jackets and purses anymore, you can have so much more use for it; shorts, skirts, pants, and of course boots!  It was clear this past Met Gala that Rock and Roll is back on the fashion scene and is not going away anytime soon.  Play up that tough, punk, yet chic persona.  You can get away with adding edge into any outfit without scaring the neighbours.  Mixing a cute leather skirt with a classic blouse, and a pop of colour statement piece necklace, will be sure to make you fit in with this season. 


Accessories are just as important now as the outfit.  Bold, unique, and statement pieces are highly encouraged this Fall.  As much as we love the icon Coco, her saying does not apply anymore.  “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”  Now the rule is; LAYER EVERYTHING!   Open toe booties are now on trend this season.  It is a fun twist to the normal boot but with a hint of summer peaking through.     


With today’s technology decade at hand, you can see what celebrities, and your best friends, are wearing and where to buy it that day; just by checking their Instagram account.  You can stay on top of the latest and new trends so easily now, you don’t even have to go into the malls.  You can even get feedback on social media as to what looks good, and what you should change up.  It can be very helpful for the few people out there who find it hard to keep up with the fashion craze.    


Good luck style enthusiasts, it is going to be a rockin’ fall!




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