Fall Trends for 2016

Fall Trends for 2016

By Camila Valdes

In the age where social media is a reigning king and nothing gets by without going viral first, it has become a world wide outlet for designers, bloggers and supermodels alike to release trends in their own personal style. However, it is also the question of whether or not if it’s just a fad, and should attention be payed to them or not. Relatively, trends are like fast fashion, one day you see them and the next it is gone.

But the real question is “why bother keeping up with trends?” Answer is simple, as humans it is only natural to want things before everyone else begins to try them. And this fall, prepare for the top ten spontaneous and unique statement pieces that will shake the fashion world entirely.

Varsity inspired pieces have made a comeback and while it’s much more than your typical high school uniform: plaid skirts, loafers and the varsity jacket are having their moment but with a more playful mix.


Puff shoulders are back and not in an exaggerated way it was seen during the 80s. This time around it’s all about having high volume that signifies power, and subtle princess puff shoulder that’ll remind you of those times you played snow white as a child.


Satin is shiny and soft, therefore expect to see: satin dresses, blouses, pants and even duster coats. Although, the trend brought flashbacks from ‘Clueless,’ perhaps take a street style approach and pair a classic white t-shirt underneath with combat boots and your favorite felt hat.

jw anderson

Metallic was a seasonal standout during the runway and although it can be considered as too glitzy or Vegas show girl. Gold and silver metallic had a strong showing, whether just a trim of detail or dress (you choose) the power is in your hands on how to wear it.

opening ceromony

Pantsuits are receiving an update this fall, prepare to see stylish and colourful power suits as well as menswear inspired suits with a bulkier attire. Yet, don’t fret both are acceptable to wear, for a day to night wear.

max mara dos

Novelty Denim is a season staple (literally) don’t both buying basic denim, instead look for weird reworked denim that was seen all over the fall’16 runways. Expect denim dresses, shirts, even decorative jackets, it’s all apart of the streetwear craze.

Animal Prints, whether real or faux (hopefully faux) is becoming a powerful statements piece. Not only is it bold, daring and sophisticated, it can make your outfit look classic or edgy depending on how it’s styled.

dolce gabbana

Concert Merch ruled fashion week streetwear, take ‘Life of Pablo (Kanye West) and Purpose Tour (Justin Bieber) are taking high fashion to new levels.


Velvet is back, it’s one of those pieces you have to dominate and incorporate in an unexpected way without looking like you took a time machine from the 1800s.


Corsets are getting structured with leather and metal, the classically feminine corset was given a futuristic, erotic twist this season by Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Loewe.

alexander mcqueen