Family Beach Day!

Family Beach Day!

August 2013

Pamela Mermigas

Family Beach Day!

School’s out and summer is on! That means it’s the perfect time for that long awaited family trip. It’s finally time to hit the beach for those long lazy days. With adventures in the sand and picnics with your family, there is no better way for relaxation. No matter whom you go with, if you are well prepared you will have an awesome trip.

Fun Family Activities


Simple is key. When it comes to the beach you don’t want to be bringing a ton of materials. Classic items will keep the kids entertained. Such as Frisbees, they are the perfect beach activity. Frisbees can be used for a variety of different games. They can be used to hit targets, can be used as a ball replacement for games such as frisbee golf and even just using them to pass back and fourth will keep the kids entertained for a good amount of time. Another must for the beach are Sand castle essentials. Sand castles are a blast for everyone. Children and adults both enjoy playing in the sand, whether it is to build a sand castle or to burry someone deep in the sand. Playing in the sand is a must when it comes to a beach trip.


Nowadays many beaches provide access to water activities such as jet skies or paddle boating. However, they can be pricey at times and may not be available to everyone. So why not create your own water sport! With a simple gigantic donut pool float and some thick string, you can have a ton of fun. Trailing each other in the water through the waves can be such a relaxing yet entertaining activity.


Food Fenzy


The beach can be messy, so finger foods are crucial. Simple snacks such as fruit and chips are the best for the beach. They don’t leave a mess and take a minimal time to prepare. Finger foods will create the perfect beach picnic.



There is nothing better then a relaxing evening at the beach, overhearing the waves and smelling those roasted marshmallows over that warm campfire. The beach is the perfect location for your family campfires. Smores are a must; you can never go wrong with them because who doesn’t love smores? They are a cult favorite, especially in the summertime. You can also roast some corn and sausages and create the perfect evening snack. A campfire is the perfect opportunity for the family to get together and spend some quality time singing some songs and enjoying the nice summer weather.