Family Fitness Ideas

Family Fitness Ideas

August 2014


We highly recommend to get moving this summer! So get off those cozy couches and lets head outside!


Fotolia_61024173_XS-420x280This is an awesome activity. Teach your kids to ride a bike, race with your husband, find beautiful trails to explore. Get out there and make sure kids are geared up and safe. This is a fun activity away from tech devices and really enjoy our Canadian nature backdrops!




If you don’t have access to a pool at home then no worries, there are local pools that are quite cheap to use, friends pools are great hang out ideas and gym memberships are another avenue to hit the pool! Families can do racing laps together, teach the tods how to swim and bigger kids can dive, improve their skills while mom burns some calories!




Visit your local parks- they are free and they are beautiful! Lots o open ground to run, play, do tournaments and teach the kids to reconnect with the out doors. If you are going on a family picnic you can make teams and really challenge yourself. If its just mum dad and the kids then playing and running with the ball without score count would be an excellent way to break out into a sweat.