Farley Chatto

Farley Chatto

By Kelsey Lyons

With lots of plaid patterns, fur accessories and French laces, Farley Chatto’s winter collection is well designed, and unique.
The show began with a ballet dance, which was the inspiration behind the collection.

“My mind went straight to ballet,” he says. “So I was like, ‘Let’s do ballet,’ and we just started to do research and I decided to do my favourite ballet, which is “La Sylphide.” This ballet takes place in Scotland and it was one of the first romantic ballets and was first performed in Paris in 1832. The show began very similar to how the ballet had, with a man sitting on a chair and a woman dancing around him. The audience reacted in awe to this beginning and the dance set Chatto’s show apart from the others. This also gave the audience a sneak preview of what they were going to be seeing. Chatto’s winter collection is both for men and women.

One of his looks being paired with a sharp red blazer, giving it an edgy look. It was modeled by a man wearing a plaid beret with a feather on top. This look was most definitely my favourite piece of the night.


The beret was black and white plaid, such as the pants were, giving off a 90s vibe.
The best part of the look, which stood out the most was the fur sash. It’s a very out there style, but all the elements of the outfit would make you think of the Scottish culture. The blazer was just the icing on the cake that gave the look a modern feel and the ambiance of class.

Another piece that stood out was the long white silk dress, paired with a fur sash.
There was a very interesting and effective element to the piece, which definitely made the piece stand out and that was the strap made out of flowers. This strap is hard to pull off, but it just gave the long elegant dress a bit of excitement.


Overall the collection was beautiful and was tailored to Chatto’s inspiration and theme of the ballet.
Especially the hair styles, there were a lot of “ballerina buns”, but with Chatto’s own take on them.
One example being, the model wearing the silk dress and flower strap, the ballerina bun was tailoring more to the side of a messy bun, making it more fun, but still along the lines of sophistication.