Fashion Meets Technology

Fashion Meets Technology

A match made in heaven, between science and fashion, to be reforming how we see the world in apperal.


By: Christopher Mello


Like Yin and Yang, fashion and art go hand in hand, without one another there is no balance, yet in this circular balancing act, there has always been a third party, known as technology. We see fashion as being something created solidly by man, little do we know the same thread and needle, used by the designers is technology, developed over a course of time. As man matures through time, so does his capability to produce and create, hence the newfound ability of laser cutting fabrics and engraving textiles.

 issey miyake

Laser cutting fabrics and engraving textiles, is an invention that has been played around with for quite some time, at which designers and scientists have collaborated in order to test the outcome, as to if the materials and outcome were as durable as the traditional cut and sew technique, commonly used and practiced in fashion, along with the teachings of design. What laser cutting does is, it makes for a perfect cut every single time, along with sealing the garments ends, meaning the dreadful fraying doesn’t occur, precision in shapes is a continuous process, so no matter the shape or design, the same outcome can be created over and over effortlessly, no matter the fabric. The maximum size that can be dealt with for now, is 51” in width while, lengthwise is an endless route, while the materials used are an endless amount of latex, rubber, silk, cotton, leather, polyester and other synthetics.


In modern days, the majority of high-end fashion houses mainly use laser cutting, along with the new up-and-coming designers, almost as if the young are kicking the old off the throne, creating daring and breathtaking pieces of art. Highly sought after luxury designers that have been known for using the new technique of laser cutting are Valentino, Issey Miyake, Marchessa and Oscar de la Renta.