FEB 2013


People pursuit calm, warm and lovely homes, and the combination of romance, classical and modern reflects an essential decoration that noble quality people prefer- fireplaces.



A fireplace is indispensable to a nice and genial home, especially if you want to create a private space for intimacy. Valentine’s Day is not only the time to share the passion between lovers, but it’s also expressing the love between families. Creating a cozy home atmosphere by adorning the fireplace with delicate and beautiful decoration is always a good idea. No feeling is better than having your family and friends sitting around the fireside when coffee and wine are gloriously mellow, alluring you into a romantic poetic reverie.


A luxurious lifestyle is comfortable to live in. Charming and romantic elements in the bedroom will fire up the heat from the love season. In the winter, flames jumping up and down mixed with the bright red light touches on the feelings that one has inside. To add some playful modernity, insert an elegant gas fireplace in the wall between the bedroom and bathroom to serve both rooms simultaneously. Continuous mosaic tile in the bathroom makes up the surround of the fireplace as well as the custom-built tub and shower.



Fragrance has always had an effect on men and women, it is very powerful, so choose a fragrance that will put you and your guest in the best mood for love. Rose is a traditionally stimulating scent, but any rich floral, or woody fragrance you enjoy will be uplifting.  Light up the floral candles around the fireplace and let the heat fill the scent in the air and the love present all over.


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