Flowers in the Home

Flowers in the Home

APRIL 2013


There is no doubt about it: there’s a magical feeling when you receive a bouquet of flowers, and I’m not just talking from personal experience, this has been scientifically proven. In 2005, The Society of American Florists and the Rutgers research team at The State University of New Jersey collaborated on The Emotional Impact of Flowers Study. The study found that flowers have an immediate positive effect on our emotions, moods, and social behaviours. Having fresh flowers in the home is a simple and natural way to moderate your mood. In addition, arranging flowers is a great outlet for creativity but also an affordable way to keep your house vibrant and stylish.


Tips on how to decorate with fresh flowers:

Innovative vases – Be creative and use glass bottles, pitchers, old tin cans or mason jars to hold your flowers. Not only does this give your flower arrangement some personality, it’s also environmentally and budget friendly.


Keep it simple – Flower arranging is an art form – easier for some than others.  If you are a beginner, or just don’t have the creative flair for arranging a complex bouquet, keep things simple. Try creating a large bouquet using one type of flower, or place a single flower in a thin vase. Bold flowers such as Hydrangeas work well for both types of arrangements.


Play with colour – Try arranging a bouquet of different flowers, but with a similar hue. You can also balance a muted room by adding a bouquet that is bursting with colour.


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