Freshen up This Valentine!

Freshen up This Valentine!

Feb 2013

By Courtney Vike

Okay ladies, we are well into the new year now and, if you are still feeling a little tired and worn out from those fabulous holidays, here a few little tricks to refresh your look for Valentine’s Day!


Soothing Puff Eyes

Cllinique eye serum


Your eyes are the windows to your gorgeous souls – or so they say.  But this morning your beautiful browns are looking more like sad little slits in a set of metal blinds.  Soothe those peppers with Clinique’s roll on All About Eyes Serum.  All the telltale signs of yesterday’s debauchery (puffiness and dark circles) will be tempered by this silky formula infused with hydrating botanical oils.  I was a skeptic of this product until I actually tried it and now I can’t live without it. 


Drink Water



Water water water – our bodies are made up of 75% water.  So for those days where your skin feels dry, your enthusiasm lacks or you feel just plain worn out – chug-a-lug the H20-.  It will instantly bring you to life and hey, something that takes away bloating from peeing so much is welcome in my eyes.


Dry Skin

Face Wash


Pathetic, sad skin needs a potent moisturizer the morning after a long night with a lot of make-up. I recommend washing your face with Clinique’s Dramatically Different and moisturizing with No. 7 day and night cream (depending on the time of day) to reduce redness and refresh your derma. To enhance benefits and add some luster to that dull skin massage the moistureizer into your face in a circular motion and don’t forget the neck – we don’t want any post-Christmas turkeys! Extra moisturized skin can reduce the amount of foundation your other-wise drab complexion may need. 


All about the lips

Lip Gloss


I am a firm believer in lipstick and wear it all the time.  But if you are exhausted and have the shakes from one too many red bulls, add a nice gloss or shimmery lip balm.  Glossy lips always look nice and a sparkly pout can take attention away from tired eyes.  Who says you can’t fake a perky pucker on even the most off days.


Faking Fresh Hair

Dry Shampoo


No time to wash your hair, no problem. There are many a times where I have pressed snooze one too many and left myself with minutes to get ready for the day.  No one wants that back alley Les Miserables hair mess, so you can cheat your way to freshness with dry shampoo. Workaholic dry shampoo spray has become my best friend – it adds shine, volume, fresh scent and takes away that awful grease.  A few spritzes will have you feeling fresh so you can leave the house without being incognito in a baseball cap and shades.



Bronze is the New Tan

Mac Bronzer


Ever heard the term Melanoma doesn’t take vacations? I have, and it’s why I avoid the tanning beds like the plague and wear high SPF on my face when it’s sunny outside.  I’ll admit I love the sunshine and love having a tan mid-winter… but if I want to avoid looking like an old catcher’s mitt, it just isn’t a good idea to hit those tanning beds. Bronzer, mixed with your daily mineral powder can add a subtle shimmer that will help diminish signs of fatigue and minor imperfections.


Natural Flush

Mac Bronze Shimmer


God, the things we can do with make up now-a-days is absolutely revolutionary. Why not make yourself look like a natural golden goddess with flushed cheeks.  I absolutely love this shade of blush/shimmer from Mac.  It adds a little sparkly in the right light and brings a little life to your face.


LASH is more



The eyes are one of the most important and noteworthy focal points on the face.  Adding a little textured shimmery shadow can give your tired eyes that wide-eye gaze.  Sparkle naturally makes the eyes stand out and glisten.  And of course, mascara is an absolute must, even on the most tired of days. Turn up the volume on your lashes with BadGal Lash mascara from Sephora.  This amazing thick lash formula will make your blinky and twitchy eyes look smoldering and sultry.  I love adding a little drama to my gaze… the trick is just keeping those gorgeous lids open while at work.


Brighten Those Eyes

Liquid Liner


Let’s be honest here, not all of us wake up naturally gorgeous.  Half the time I wake up looking like Medusa with wild hair or my eyes can hardly open from too much salt or lack of sleep. Like mascara, a little eye liner can be the cherry on top.  I love lining my eye lids with a touch of black liquid liner.  I tend to gravitate towards the cat eye swoop – cats are awesome and it helps accentuate the shape of the natural eye. You’ll be looking for good; you may even make a short appearance for a cocktail after that long day at the office.  Fresh eyes are the new tired eyes.


In Cognito



If all else fails and your exhaustion is too much to bare, just put on your biggest, darkest designer shades.  Good hair, a little lip color and a massive, face-obstructing pair of glasses can make even the worst look gorgeous… just make sure to stay outside… no one likes people who wear sunglasses indoors. 


Happy Primping.