Freshen up your Home DIY

Freshen up your Home DIY

April 2014

by natalie spence

It’s always nice to add new touches to your home, especially now that it’s spring, you can opt for fresher options. There are endless possibilities when it comes to doing this. You can do small things like adding a fresh coat of paint in a new colour, to flower arrangements. Here are some easy DIY tips to freshen up your home:


 Flower Arrangements

 flower arrangement

Flower arrangements are a lovely way to bring the outdoors inside. They are really complementary and make great accessories for a room and the perfect way to add beautiful and fresh vibrancy.



Serrated floral knife

Pruners/Garden clippers

20-24 gauge floral wire

Paper scissors

6-inch square glass vases

Flowers of your choice



1. Keep the flowers in cold water until they’re ready to be used

2. Strip stems of excess foliage

3. Secure the smaller bundles of flowers with a rubber band or floral wire

4.Trim the ends at an angle

5. Arrange in rainbow order in vases


DIY Room Spray

room spray

This is something that is so incredibly easy to do that you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it sooner! This is a fun and creative way to really customize the smell of your home.



Empty spray bottle

4 ounces of purified water

3 essential oils of your choice



1. Fill your spray bottle with the purified or tap water

2. Add 5 drops of the first essential oil scent, 4 drops of your second choice and 3 drops of the last oil you’d like to use

3. Attach lid and begin to use

Makeover Your Pillow Throws

 makeover your pillows

This is an incredibly fun and artistic way to add a pop of colour to your living room space. Painting a pattern or letter on your pillows makes them look one of a kind and unique. It’s also very simple to do, follow the steps below for your own personalized pillow.




1 one-ounce tube SoSoft Fabric Acrylics

1 one-inch-wide roll Scotch Safe Release Painter’s Masking Tape for Very Delicate Surfaces


Soft-bristle brushes

Small paint tray




1. Machine wash the pillow. Iron the fabric when dry

2. Carefully position your stencil over the cooled fabric and tape it into place with the painter’s tape.

3. Squeeze a small amount of fabric paint from the tube onto a paint tray

4. Use the soft bristled brush to apply a coat of paint to the fabric using up-and-down strokes.

5. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours, then remove stencil