If you were a Car which would you Be?

Issue 4: January 30 2012
By Melissa Finlay

Have you ever gazed out of your front window at the car sitting in the driveway and thought to yourself, ‘I wanna dump that mini van, it’s so not me!’ Well if so, you’re in luck! Young fashionista’s, full time moms on the go and busy business women everywhere rejoice, Fash Weekly has found wheels that describe you perfectly and will have you running out the door to your nearest dealership in a flash!

Are you a young, adventurous, out-on-the-town, trendy teen…driving your moms worn out mini van? Well kick that vehicle to the curb, we have got just the car representing you and your fashion forward lifestyle! You are trendy and adventurous, just like the new and improved 2012 Volkswagen Beetle! You’re not just any regular Volkswagen Beetle, you’re the trendy saturn yellow bug of 2012 that will be catching everyone’s eye, on the road and off!

What about you never resting, always moving moms out there! While you’re always nurturing and providing safety, you still love to look glam and we’ve found your match made in car heaven! The Volvo XC90 is the car for you cruising around the suburbs. While providing high-tech safety for you and your precious cargo, the Volvo XC90 looks luxurious while doing so, which makes this car the one for all you hard working moms!

Your ambitious, self-empowered and changing the world one step at a time, you’re the hardworking business woman! You take pride in your work and you’re very reliable. While all these things accurately describe you, they also describe the automobile that is your perfect personality and lifestyle match… the 2012 Toyota Prius V! The Toyota Prius V is a Hybrid Synergy vehicle making it innovative and inspiring to the world, just like you!