Frame Publishers

Tue June 19 2012

By: Ksenia Bulgakov

A well-known name among architects, Frame Publishers is like the Vogue among interior designers. The company was founded by Peter Huiberts and Robert Thiemann in 1997 and has since grown to reach readers in over 75 countries. Publishing books as well as magazines, Frame Publishers specializes in creating high-end publications specifically tailored for art buyers, architects and designers worldwide.

The company’s best known publication is Frame Magazine, which focuses on the interior architectural world. The magazine is inspirational for designers as well as informative for people interested in the industry.
With the success of Frame, another magazine, Mark, was launched to cater to the architectural industry. Focusing more on the exterior world of architecture, Mark followed in Fame’s footsteps, becoming a trusted reference. In 2009, Elephant joined the line-up, offering a look into the world of art as well as visual culture.

Based in Amsterdam, Frame Publishers has made itself known to a vast variety of creative professionals worldwide. Aside from its three magazines, the company also publishes many books on related topics.
Identified by its trademark backwards E in its titles, the magazine offers exclusive looks at the hottest interior designs, and the faces behind them. Exposing us to the latest trends and the newest products, all three magazines target different professions interlinked by the creative streak.

Whereas the magazines focus on the broad categories of interior and architectural design, as well as art, books from Frame Publishers are specific to smaller subsections. From beginners to professionals, the books are made to suit any level of experience. From retail design to sketching to environmentally friendly architecture, each read is meant to be informative as well as educational.

Their website,, offers information on the latest magazine issues, subscriptions, as well as the newest reads available. With a huge following, this powerhouse of publishing shows no sign of slowing down.