Venice or Florence?

Wednesday August 8th 2012

Choosing between Venice or Florence can not only be a hard choice but an unfair one. There is too much to see, too much to experience and feel in both enchanted cities that FW recommends once in your life to go to both. Until then however, the two books by Ullmann Publishing give you an insightful look into the two worlds.

Venice The Golden Centuries is a look into the city on water through the eyes of dazzling style in architecture, design, sculptures and paintings. This book allows you to learn, explore and dream of the heaven like city and does not seize to amaze of what has been preserved until today only waiting for you to experience in real life!

The other keepsake, Florence Art and Architecture is another magical book that inspires you to travel to the other part of the world that offers sculptures, paintings, design, churches, chapels and masterpieces that let you dream of another time.