Fall Trends

Wednesday August 8th 2012

By Courtney Vike

Fall/Summer trends

Sheer Blouse Madness

The ever-surfacing trend this season is without a doubt the sheer blouse! Whether with prints, bold colors, neons or differing lengths in the front and back, they are everywhere. Summer’s standout pieces have one common feature: SHEERNESS.

Similar to the all re-occurring trends, sheer garments are ever-present and perpetually reinvented. I love sheer tops – they are classy and riské at the same time. Designers continue to play with the ideas of negative space, multiple textures, and outrageous patterns shattering any rules about defining what is taboo. Don’t be intimidated by sheer, as it is in no way a new style. We’ve seen it come and go in fashion for decades, and today it is as versatile as ever. Adopt this trend as your own to add to your style artillery. Embrace your feminine side with a healthy dose of pastel, floral or polka dots – which make up another popular trend this year. Patterned sheer blouses add some youth to an otherwise riské top, and they balance out an outfit. If you aren’t sure about this, try wearing a camisole or tube top under for a little more coverage – or a bathing suit poolside.

Knitwear – the great sweater


The hot new verdict is in. Your grandmother’s closet will be at the top of your shopping list next fall, with a retro mix of floral and lace, knit tweeds and, yes, shawls making the sartorial cut. Chic sportsmanship will be of importance as well, especially when channeling the great outdoors or reveling in the new take on oversize knits.

Ladies, for once the designers are adopting a trend that might be very useful for the upcoming fall/winter season: knitwear! Yes you heard it right; so feel free to wear oversized sweaters, knitted dresses and your grandmother’s scarf, because this year it’ll be seen as trendy. J Crew knows how to make a good chunky sweater! This look is all about being cozy on top and keeping it sparse on the bottom. Sweaters like these are so versatile. The chunky knit is a trend that seems to stick around from seasons past and become total classics. The great thing about this look is you can be super put together while staying equally comfortable. It’s a win-win!

Stripes – Totally Nautical

Stripe Obsessed? I sure am. So obviously I adore this long lived nautical trend. Stripes are the IT pattern for summer and fall. In fresh and vibrant colors, this popular pattern on maxi dresses can be both retro and modern. They are practically all over the fashion time line because of the versatility plus they can be worn by ANYONE with any body shape. This year the patterns are big and bold in blacks, whites and creams, or sleek and slim in bright colors! I feel like stripes never really go out of style! Striped tops or tunics can be paired with jeans for every day, skirts to jazz it up, dress pants for the office, or denim shorts for cool summer evenings. Whoever said horizontal stripes weren’t flattering never owned a feel good nautical dress or blouse!

Stripes and maxis will be a continuing style, so let your infatuation continue and purchase a few… or reuse your favorite dresses and sweaters from last year (see – the trend really is long-lasting!). Simple cotton dresses in nautical theme prints are so comfortable but look so glamorous and chic because of the attractive skirt length and the contouring of the body.

Great Denim – Colors and Prints

Colored denim is a hot trend this year, and bright colors and patterns are showing up everywhere. When I first saw them, I wanted to try the style but I thought they might be too bold for me and my muscular legs. But the second I put on a pair of red jeans, I was in love. Colored jeans aren’t as scary as they might seem. After years of pretty much living in blue jeans, I’m enjoying having some variety in my wardrobe and am looking for as many colors as I can get my hands on.

The latest movement that no one can seem to escape is patterned jeans. Denims and the variations follow the trends as do most clothing items. In the past, jeans have come in candy colors such as candy floss pink or baby blue for summer. In the autumn they have taken on deep burgundy and rich greens. But recently the patterned jean is what has made a new impact. Floral , Stripes , even animal prints and that’s just naming a few. If you’re considering the trend but haven’t decided to commit just yet, here are some tips for wearing patterns and colors so that you will be stylish and comfortable. Tops that look best with bold colors and prints are neutrals. I often pair white with my red jeans. Black, navy, camel or gray will work too. I love navy and white with red jeans for a classy, nautical look.