The Beet Organic Cafe

May 1st 2012

By: Meagan Enciso

A staple to the trendy Junction strip, The Beet offers a selection of simple and nutritious mostly local, organic menu items, created by pooling the culinary creativity of a naturopath and a nutritionist. Housed in a grand old bank building, the cafe sits on the perfect corner lot, complete with a cute patio that was filled with hungry patrons.

Upon entering the cozy cafe, it was quite clear to the Fashion Weekly (FW) team, that The Beet was the place to be. The atmosphere was filled with a friendly buzz; unpretentious and cheery, FW was welcomed into the fold. Within minutes of being seated, a waitress walked over to the table with a friendly smile on her face. Even with the place filled, she managed to give off a sense of calm and peace.

Known for their organic fair-trade coffee, it wasn’t hard to see why. The coffee was rich and smooth, a little too hot considering the warm weather outside, but welcome nonetheless. It not only tasted great, but was also high in health-promoting antioxidants. FW’s time at The Beet was off to a great start that only escalated when the main course was brought out.

Steaming hot and drool-inducing, the bison burger was a sight that would bring any starved man to their knees. It was smaller than most regular fast food burgers, but it was so much more filling and delicious. Juicy and almost melt-in-your-mouth good, the organic bison patty was tender and cooked to perfection. The bun was toasty and smeared with the house BBQ sauce and mayo. Both sauces handmade, the attention to detail put into every morsel of food was amazing.

Speaking of attention to detail, The Beet’s sustainable focus is apparent not only in the menu, but in the decor. Tabletops made from bamboo or pressed sunflower seed husk and reclaimed furniture can be found throughout the place. Lighting is mostly natural through the huge bright windows and even the bathroom is green with low-and-high water flush toilets.

As much food as possible is sourced through local farmers and vendors. When food can’t be sourced locally, they choose fair trade items that also promote sustainability. The Beet also sells organic foods such as fresh bread, produce, eggs, dairy, bulk and packaged goods. Their mission is to provide delicious food of the highest quality while reducing their ecological footprint.

The atmosphere is cheery and the staff friendly. All ’round it’s a good neighbourhood joint, where you can hang for a while, either in the sunny main area, or on the lovely little side patio located at 2945 Dundas Street West.