Summer Activities

June 2012

By: Ashley DeFrancesco

In this year’s economy we have to get creative in finding entertaining but inexpensive activities to do in our town. There is a beautiful Botanical Garden in Toronto located at 777 Lawrence Avenue East. It is a wonderful way to get out of the house and take really pretty pictures of nature at its finest. The building is located near three bus lines, providing employees and visitors an alternative means of transportation. Effective use of mass transportation reduces fuel consumption and air pollution typically resulting from conventional automobile transportation. Similarly, employees are encouraged to pursue alternate means of commuting to work. The site has been equipped with bicycle racks and changing/showering facilities to promote human-powered transportation to and from the Toronto Botanical Garden. This reduces the overall dependence on fossil fuels for transportation, cuts emissions, and promotes occupant health and well-being through exercise.

Their mission is to connect people, plants and the natural world through education, inspiration and leadership. Their vision is to encourage, stimulate and teach countless adults and children with its innovative urban-scale garden plantings, nature-centred educational programs and environmentally-friendly practices. They look beyond their borders to create strategic alliances that support their mission, extend their reach and strengthen their influence within the community. Another great botanical garden in Toronto is the Allan Gardens Conservatory; it is over 100 years old with a garden-filled greenhouse that covers over 16,000 square feet. This garden is open to the public year-round. It contains tropical plants from all over the world from palm trees to cacti. There are also seasonal plantings throughout the year. A different approach for green activities to do this summer would be to plan a beach day with a group of friends and clean up while you’re there. There so many organizations you can become a part of for beach cleanups and planting trees. It’s a rewarding activity and you get to be outside while enjoying the fresh air. If you want to get more exercise look around your neighborhood for park trails you can hike or bicycle. Visiting a local farm to see where produce is grown is a cool way to educated yourself on what you’re eating. After you can pack up your locally grown goodies and enjoy a picnic at your nearest park. If you want to be real productive, try building your own green house in your backyard; it’s a fantastic environment for you grow flowers or vegetables. It’s a fun hobby and you can be sure you know where your vegetables come from. Make sure you look into these wonderful activities when you’re thinking of what to do this summer.