Sweetcream Organic Skin Care

Issue 4: January 30 2012

It may be a fad or it may stay, but the hottest thing people are turning to is organic and eco- friendly products. Sweetcream Organic Skin Care is a fresh take on making the right choices that will last a life time rather than just current trend reports!
We caught up with Lisa Allison, the face behind this brand and asked her what sets her apart, why should we care about being 100% natural when it comes to products for our skin and where can we find this super cute line?
Sweetcream Organic Skin Care www.sweetcreamorganic.com came into existence roughly over a year ago but the concept was in Lisa’s life well before that.

Few years earlier she discovered that all the things we were bombarding our skins with -were very toxic. She decided she was going to produce a line that would make skin care still girly and fun but at the same time be good for you. Lisa says that the creams and products you apply to your skin should be so pure that you would, “almost be able to eat them!”
That’s fascinating- edible lip balm? Why not! It is on our lips for most of the day and body balms do soak into our skin so why can’t we digest the other shelf brands- that’s because they are loaded with chemical ingredients.

Lisa explained that before launching her brand she spent several months doing trial studies and tests on focus groups to get feedback on the mixes of ingredients she put together. When she got the go signal for team members and trail studies confirming that all her plant based ingredients were making successful combinations- she set out to launch her product line.

One of the most innovative things Lisa has done with the launch of Sweetcream Organic Skin Care is that she has eliminated the middle man by not placing her products in stores , but having them available 24/7 on the website www.sweetcreamorganic.com. The products only range from $5- $24 and shipping usually remains in the $10 budget which makes these products easily available and very affordable for being 100% natural, 100% chemical free and 100% plant based products.

Lisa also told us that when we read words we cannot pronounce in the ingredients of products- most of the time that’s a red flag! Her products will read ingredients like cucumber peel extract or grape seed oil- we can all relate to that and it’s much more comforting to know that what is in the cream is something we know of rather than a chemical we have never even seen! These products guarantee a 12 month life and some even longer!
The really chic and stylish packaging is eye grabbing and perfect for gifts, friends, family and on the go! Fashion Weekly would recommend this line to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and stick to it!
Lisa told us that in the next 20 years trends will change- just as it’s considered highly hazardous to smoke while being pregnant, so will applying toxic products all over our skins! Wow- something for all of us to think about – let’s make a change not just so we can buy different brands but so that the industry shifts its views and businesses like Sweetcream Organic stand as pioneers in their ethical views!