Fashion Weekly’s Book Nook

By: Sakina Khawaja

Spring Reads- a time for love, fashion and everything in between

Love (luv) n. by Karen Porter Sorensen Adams Media

What does love mean to you? Have you ever fallen in Love? These are questions we all ask ourselves. Karen Porter Sorensen took a very specific approach and posed these questions to individuals. The result: a compilation of her discovery regarding people’s perception of love. This little book has a big meaning- it’s a delightful read that would be something lovely to read through on a nice spring afternoon or a perfect gift to someone who you love. Sometimes it’s hard to express what we feel- this book is full of quotes, love stories, definitions and experiences.

Dior: A New Look a New Enterprise (1947-57) by Alexandra Palmer
V&A Publishing

With our current issue dedicated to LG Fashion Week here in Toronto, we can’t help but look back at some of our fashion legends. Christian Dior is considered a master and people have said that he started a revolution in fashion that still trickles influences today. His style was innovative and feminine. This book is a dedication to some of his earlier works and for anyone who admires the art of fashion and the history of fashion- this book will be a very satisfying read. Filled with pictures, illustrations and historic looks- this is a conversation piece that can be a kept in your fashion library for years to come.