Best Shopping Sites!

Issue 4: January 30 2012

Shopping online can be overwhelming at times if you don’t know which sites to shop from. It can then become tedious when you think of shipping rates, tracking orders, duties, and of course, the satisfaction of your purchase when it arrives. The convenience of shopping online has made it easier for everyone because it’s just as simple as a click of a button and credit card to do just that. In case you are unfamiliar, there usually are sales, promotion codes and online exclusives then offered at retail stores so we have chosen the best sites for you to consider while shopping online.

1. Amazon

As one of the leading and known internet shopping destinations, Amazon sells just about anything from electronics, books, clothes, shoes, accessories, and household products just to name a few. Amazon’s making their customers’ shopping experience more convenient by releasing smartphone app. It’s a pretty rad deal considering they ship worldwide!

2. Gilt Group

Gilt Group can be any shoppers dream offering huge discounts on luxury goods for every man and woman by offering something new every day. Initially a shopping destination for American customers, Gilt now provides online shipping to Canadians and it’s about time! Did we also mention that they also offer exclusive travel packages?

3. The Shopping Channel

As if their infomercials weren’t enough, The Shopping Channel has become the site for all your shopping needs. From beauty to jewellery to clothes to even buying the newest workout equipments, TSC also offers the same products online, you know, just in case you missed it on T.V. With a wide range of products to choose from, checkout the best sellers based from customer purchases to see what the hottest products are at the moment.