Gail McInnes Toronto’s Chic Fashion PR Agent

Fri July 6th 2012

Gail McInnes
has worked in almost every area of the fashion industry, from journalism to broadcast appearances, trend forecasting to founding The Style Box showroom. She even gives back to the fashion community in Toronto by helping the next generation of fashion talent get their start through the Toronto Fashion Incubator. Since Gail has over fifteen years of experience in the fashion industry it’s no wonder that in 2010 she created her own marketing company – Magnet Creative Management, and since then she has become one of Toronto’s hottest fashion PR agents around. Fashion Weekly contacted Gail to find out a little bit more about her and her fabulous job!
Fashion Weekly: So Gail, what is your educational background?

Gail McInnes: I graduated from Humber College’s Fashion program in the late 90s and also have taken continued education classes at George Brown in writing and desktop publishing.

Fashion Weekly: What made you decide to get into fashion public relations?

Gail McInnes: I never really made a conscious decision to get into public relations. I think it found me.

Fashion Weekly: What would you say is the biggest challenge you face in the industry?

Gail McInnes: Simply time. It’s easy to prioritize, but having the time to do additional things, like get involved with a charity program, etc. that can be challenging.

Fashion Weekly: What do you enjoy the most about fashion PR?

Gail McInnes: I love the people the most. I have never gone through one day without having a good laugh with someone in the industry. We’re also a very sharing bunch.

Fashion Weekly: So you say you love the people you work with, who do you look to as a role model in the industry?

Gail McInnes: Susan Langdon from the Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI). She was my boss a decade ago (I cannot believe it’s really been that long!). She is one of the most dedicated and honorable people I know.

Fashion Weekly: That’s so sweet! So we all know you work with a lot of up and coming Toronto talent. Currently, Who do you think is the biggest up and comer and why?

Gail McInnes: There are so many great talented emerging designers coming out of Toronto. All you have to do is look to see who showed in the studio setting at WMCFW (World MasterCard Fashion Week) or at FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) – that’s where you’ll find the rising talents. To name just one would do a disservice to all the others.

Fashion Weekly: Being in your position allows you to attend a lot of industry events, what are some of your favorites from this year?

Gail McInnes: Of course, the Scottish Fashion Awards is always one of my favorite events to attend as is the TFI New Labels – this year the TFI celebrated their 25th anniversary with a gala at the ROM. It was pretty spectacular – a great night to celebrate all the work the non-profit has done.

Fashion Weekly: That sounds amazing! We all want to know what it’s like to be a PR agent at Fashion Week, take us through a typical day at Toronto Fashion Week, preparing your clients (such as Lucian Matis) for their presentations.

Gail McInnes: There is never a typical day when fashion week is happening. In prepping for a show, it’s all about last minute RSVPs, finalizing the guest list, creating the all-important seating chart, scheduling media interviews, etc. The list is endless.

Fashion Weekly: Do you think there are any common misconceptions about PR agents?

Gail McInnes: I think a lot of people think they twist truths and create fabricated stories. Not in my industry. We’re simply here to relay the facts to media.

Fashion Weekly: Take us through a typical day for a PR agent outside of fashion week.

Gail McInnes: Again, there never is a typical day, but some of my daily routines involve checking my Google Reader, e-newsletters, Twitter and Facebook to catch up on industry news, replying to the never ending stream of emails in my inbox, making appointments for fashion editors and stylists to pull items from my clients for celebrity appearances and editorials, drafting media releases or notices, updating the all-important database, client meetings, updating our social networks, and so much more.

Fashion Weekly: Finally Gail, what is one summer fashion trend you love for the summer?

Gail McInnes: Color blocking is my favorite summer trend this year – so much, I never want it to go away!

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