FW’s List of Most Stylish Men on the Silver Screen for 2012-2013

FW’s List of Most Stylish Men on the Silver Screen for 2012-2013

June 2013

Mackenzie Belcastro

These leading men always seem to nail it in the style department.


Daniel Craig (Skyfall) is the perfect mix of classy and cool. Dressed up or down, this British star’s consistent understated elegance has landed him repeatedly on the Best Dressed list of men’s style bible GQ.

Daniel Craig


Photo source: www.combandcutter.files.wordpress.com


Johnny Depp (Dark Shadows) continues to impress us with his unique, Bohemian style.  Whether he is sporting a grungy t-shirt and jeans, or a tailored suit, he always manages to look effortlessly cool. What sets him apart is the way he adds personality to his look with accessories. Be it with geek-chic glasses, fedoras, skinny printed scarves, or piled on jewelry, Depp hits the style mark every time.

 Johnny Depp

Photo source: www.examiner.com


Ryan Gosling’s (Gangster Squad) impeccable style is undeniable. He often dons grey suits that are slim-fitting and styled in a 1960s manner, meaning the jackets are shorter and more fitted to the waist. When dressing casual, Gosling’s style remains elegant and simple, often forgoing accessories and sticking to fitted apparel.

ryan gosling


Photo source: http://goslingstylefile.tumblr.com


Will Smith (Men in Black 3) has been a style icon since his days on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when he was often found wearing a backward baseball cap and neon shorts. With age came a more mature style, comprised of blazers, suits, and fitted V-necks. What makes Smith’s style stand out is the fact that he has not given up on wearing bright colors or patterns. He inspires us to have fun with fashion!

Will Smith


Photo source: http://ca.askmen.com and www.justjared.com