Go-To Green: Hot Items for the Eco-Chic


With the disaster of global warming weighing
heavily on our consciences, many companies are
beginning to deem themselves as environmentally
safe. Many of these companies offer products
like shampoos, automobiles, food and even
cooking appliances as friend not foe to the
environment. Here are a few products not only
discovered by the FW staff to be 100% ecofriendly
but hot enough to be deemed our go-to
green products.
Green Beaver’s
Apple Mint Shampoo, Conditioner, Washes and

With a desire for environmental and familial
safety as their top priority, the Green Beaver
Company has introduced a line of organic
shampoos, conditioners and body washes in
scents guaranteed to entice. The products
are made from organically grown Canadian
materials and available in scents such as “Wild
P.E.I Cranberries, Apple Mint from Nova Scotia’s
Annapolis Valley and Wildcrafted Lavender from

Green Beaver’s describes their plan to use wild
and organic Canadian ingredients as beneficial
to both their customers and the environment.
By “reducing the amount of pesticides being
poured onto our land and environment” and
“cutting down local pollution”, Green Beaver is
doing their part to make Canada a cleaner, safer
place. For more information on all of Green
Beaver’s products visit www.greenbeaver.com/
Pangea Organics
Pangea Organics is an “ecocentric body care”
company specializing in creating products that
are “always beneficial [and] never artificial”. Not
only are their products such as cleansers, toners,
soaps and shower gels organic and eco-friendly,
but the company is working to help revolutionize
the packaging industry with their “product
boxes made using a Zero Waste process with
100% post-consumer paper and organic seeds.”
Once you’ve opened your product, the box can
be soaked in water for a minute and planted in
the earth. Products we like are their Japanese
Matcha Tea masks, sold $35 per bottle, and
their essential oils, which are sold for $25 per
bottle.For information on the Pangea Institute,
products, skin care 101, or to find a location near
you visit www.pangeaorganics.com.

Aubrey Organics
Aubrey Organics was founded in 1967 with the
goal of revolutionizing the cosmetic and personal
care industry. Their mission was, and still
remains, to educate and provide consumers with
all-natural, safe and effective personal care and
lifestyle products. Since then Aubrey Hampton
“has created over 200 hair, skin and body care
products, which are internationally recognized
as the most natural herbal products available [in] early every health food store in the United States
and Canada.” Aubrey’s top selling items include
their Lumessence Rejuvenating Eye Crème
with Liposomes, sold for $23.50, and their
Honeysuckle Rose® Moisturizing Shampoo and
Conditioner for $9.98 and $10.28 each.
For more information on Aubrey Organics, their
products and their tips to educate consumers visit

The Body Shop’s Skin Sponge
For years the Body Shop has prided itself on
being one of North America’s leading ecofriendly
bath and body companies. With over
700 products under its belt, The Body Shop
prides itself on being against animal testing,
working to activate self-esteem, defending human
rights, supporting community trade and working
as an active soldier in the fight to protect our
planet. Among its products are lines of body and
bath creams, lotions and exfoliants, fragrances as
well as pieces such as candles and fragrance oils.
One product we love is the exfoliating skin
sponge made to polish the skin and keep it
looking healthy and smooth. The sponge works
to scrub the skin and remove the dead skin cells
and stimulate blood circulation for an all-over
glow. For more information on this product and
others visit www.thebodyshop.com.

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