Grab inspiration from your closet

Grab inspiration from your closet

By Dina El Hallak

July 2015

Looking to give your home a makeover this summer?
Why not grab some inspiration from your closet??




Metallic furniture is a great way to make your home unique. Although going metallic could be very risky. If you choose to do it yourself you must know the correct way to paint your furniture and make no mistakes choosing the correct paint ( spray or other).
Also, make sure you know exactly what colour you’re going for, ensuring it looks good with the rest of the furniture.




Although the outdoors sounds tempting in the summer, sometimes it is better to stay indoors and protect yourself from the sun and the bad effects it can have on you. What is better than bringing the beauty of nature to your living room. Add some floral designs to your home and make it feel like a cooler and fresher summer day, INDOORS!

Animal Print



Using real animal skin to decorate your home is very unethical. Thankfully, the market offers many kinds of artificial animal prints to satisfy customers and to preserve our nature. Buy your printed rug or sofa or just simply cushions or throw-on to make your home a little more cozy.

All white


White interior of the stylish apartment

Nowadays nothing can be more luxurious than a modern home. Go all white with all the big items in your home to feel refreshed and relaxed at all times!! You can add a few neutral colours like black or grey and mix them with a light colour. Anything will look good with white so you’ll have nothing to worry about!!

Colour block



Colour block is the best way to make your home colourful while keeping it neat looking. The structure and mix of colours looks great! Make sure to choose the right colour palette to avoid making your home look strange.

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