Green Designers: Elladora

FW: What is your name and how old are you?
Amelia Musselman 24
Constance O’Heare 28
FW: Where are you from?
Amelia: I was born in Toronto and then moved to small town called Utopia when I was five.
Constance: I was born in Hull, Québec and then moved to Yellowknife among other rural places only to end up in the GTA when I was twelve.
FW: Where did you go to school and what did you study?
Amelia: I went to The Ontario College of Art and Design. I was in the Material Art and Design program and majored in Fibre.
Constance: I studied to become a Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP) at The Institute of Aromatherapy in Toronto.
FW: What made you decide to enter the fashion world?
Amelia: I always knew that I wanted to make clothes. OCAD was a great way for me to learn other types of fabric manipulation. It also gave me more creative opportunity. Constance: I realized that operating my own practice as a CNHP did not fulfill my creative career needs. I had always loved making clothes for myself, and then a chance meeting with Amelia occurred. The rest is history.
FW: What is your collection called?
We combined two old school women’s names to form Elladora.
FW: Describe your collection. (Style, price points…)
Elladora is a vintage inspired woman’s apparel and accessories line made with natural and organic fabrics as well as recycles plastic bags. We create fun, flirty and classically tailored fashions for woman of all shapes. Our price point is medium to high starting at $100 for garments and $40 for accessories. With our work we hope to bring social consciousness and responsibility to the fashion forefront; a current trend we would like to see continue. Our culture is taught to consume without understanding the affects of our excess. Elladora is our attempt at challenging this hegemony by affecting the way we, as a society, see consumption and waste.
We can create change.

FW: How would you describe the target market
for your collection?

Our market is professional women ages 18-45
that are socially conscious and interested in
buying locally made clothing and accessories.
FW: Who or what is your style inspiration –
whether reflected in your collection, or to your
everyday style?

Our clothing is inspired by Victorian all the way
to the 1970’s. We focus on classic designs and
tailoring. Each collection has a different concept
and time period as a starting point.
FW: How would you define your personal style?
Amelia: My style is 1950’s inspired. I wear lots
of summer dresses and high wasted skirts. I like
to mix contemporary fashion with classic vintage
pieces with a punk rock flare.
Constance: I would say that my personal style is a
mish-match of everything.
FW: Personally, what do you think every man
and woman should have in their closet?

Amelia: A pencil skirt that fits well and goes
with most other pieces in your wardrobe.
Constance: A great belt, it can complete the look
to any outfit.
FW: What is the one fashion trend you wish
would go away?

The “maternity” tops that we see so many
woman wearing. All of that fabric takes away
from the female form and its wonderful curves.
FW: If you could choose one celebrity to wear
your clothes, who would it be and why?

We would love to see Rose McGowan wearing
our clothing. She is very stylish and is an eco

FW: Why should people buy your clothes?
People should buy our clothing because it is of
quality and made in an ecologically conscious
and responsible manner. By making use of
sustainable and organic fabric as well as recycled
plastic bags, we hope to make women feel good
about their bodies as well as their social impact.
FW: Where do you see your line/company in 5

Eventually, while still selling our line to retailers
across the country, we envision Elladora
operating retail space showcasing our line as
well as other eco-friendly designers. We see
Elladora continuing to create vintage inspired
woman’s garments and accessories whilst
encouraging positive changes for ourselves and
our environment.

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