Green it Up!

Green it Up!

March 2013

Erika Lobo

Green is a symbol for life, harmony, balance, well being, nature, growth, new beginnings and many more. As we anticipate the end of winter and look forward to spring, there are many ways to add some life to your household. Here are some tips on how to incorporate the colour green into your homes.


In the bedroom: Adding green tones into your bedroom is one of the best places to start because not only does it stand for all things organic but it pairs easily with all white or beige linens. You could also decorate the room with nature related elements like flowers, bamboo or even a small plant. This gives the room a calming, almost tropical ambiance.


In the bathroom: The green touch in a bathroom makes it cozy. Some studies have shown that the colour green has a calming affect on your sense. Adding brown and white along with green are the best combinations. It gives the room an environmental feel, which is very relaxing. After all, it is one of the rooms we tend to spend most of our time rejuvenating after a long, tiring day in.


In the kitchen and dining room: Leaving the rest of the kitchen the natural and incorporating green marbles or granite counter tops is a good way to draw attention to simple decor. It also gives it a sophisticated look. You can make an ordinary dining room stand out by adding a green centre piece or even a vase with pebbles at the bottom and fresh or artificial leaf stems placed on top!



In the living room: Iffy about too much colour? There are many ways to add green to your living room without it being the main theme. Instead of using a plain white lampshade, try a green one. You can also use a simple green ribbon on your curtain or the edge of your drapes. Even having a tall plant in the room draws all the attention on it. Using a green coloured mat, a wall painting or a succulent plant in a vase are great ideas for understated pop of colour.