Groceries to Your Doorstep!

Groceries to Your Doorstep!

April 2013 By Sarah A


In a day and age where one can deliver any item to any location in the world in a

matter of hours, it seems only natural that the next step of quick delivery would

arise in the grocery industry. Created in 2004, was one of

the first online retailers to catalogue, sell, and deliver fresh groceries to homes

across the country. Operated by Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., Grocery Gateway

ensures optimal freshness as every order is handpicked from a local Longo’s the day

of delivery.


Paying online using a debit or credit card, buying groceries has never been so easy.

By creating an account, Grocery Gateway saves all information about what you’re

buying to create faster checkout times in the future. While you may think that

shopping online may cause you to miss out on some items that you see in stores, you

couldn’t be more wrong. Grocery Gateway has an online catalogue featuring fresh

market, grocery, organic and natural, and health and beauty sections, which

encapsulate all items found at your local grocery store.


If grocery shopping is a collaborative effort in your household, let the kids log in

online and add items to the shopping list set up on the website. This allows

everyone to include their input easily and without the fuss of temper tantrums in

the aisles of the market. Grocery shopping has never been so convenient, simple, and

readily available, as Grocery Gateway seems to be the answer to all of our shopping