June 2013

Megan Dussin

For years I have heard about Groupon, a website that sends its users exclusive deals for travel packages, restaurants, spa treatments, and more. At first I was skeptical, sensing that such great deals had to be some sort of spam or junk mail. After seeing so many of my friends purchase Groupon coupons online and experience amazing deals, I decided it was time I gave it a try.



Upon entering the website, Groupon was able to detect my location almost immediately. I was then prompted to enter my email address, gender, select a few of my interests from a list, and finally, enter my home address. Within seconds I was presented with hundreds of coupons for local businesses in not only my neighbourhood, but also all across the GTA. Coupons ranging from $10 for an artisan sandwich, to 60% off a Toronto dinner cruise, the possibilities seemed endless. As I continued scrolling, I instantly found myself debating as to whether I should purchase a coupon for 62% off dinner at an appetizer and wine bar or 84% off at a bikram yoga studio in Brampton.


Groupon may be a nightmare for those who rely on planned, organized outings at reliable locations that they frequent often. However, for the more spontaneous,

adventurous shoppers, Groupon allows its users to expose themselves to restaurants, tours, classes, spas, and many more amazing new businesses across the city that they may have otherwise never heard of. Groupon easily allows its users to narrow down what sort of coupon they’re looking for, while also allowing users to search through thousands of coupons for places they could have never imagined.


If you’re looking to expand your horizons this summer and explore a bit more of the city while saving, Groupon is the answer to your prayers. Not only does it allow you to experience new sights and sounds, but also you’ll be saving a pretty penny while doing