GTA Real Estate Market Prediction

GTA Real Estate Market Prediction

Spring 2015


by Rachel Luisetto



More and more condominiums are being built around the GTA due to buyer’s high demands. The demand is so high that most condos are sold off before they are even developed. The condominium market has risen by 8.3 percent since 2013 and it will just continue to increase. With Toronto getting major spotlight for hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games, the value of Toronto real-estate is sure to rise. It is predicted that the average residential sale price for the GTA will increase around 4 percent in 2015. As for the west end of the GTA, the demand for residential real estate is peaking. Buyers are looking for upscale/suburban neighborhoods and lakefront properties. Luxury homes on leafy properties are becoming more and more popular in Mississauga. It is predicted that the average residential real estate for this area will increase between 2-3 percent in 2015. Both the GTA and west end of the GTA will remain a seller’s market in 2015.

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