Feb 2013

Farhan Zaidi


The older I’m getting, the more I recognize the rights if individuals – the right of speech, the right to a democratic system: a system that is a good system for all its constituents. Laws that would protect everyone regardless of their political party, now that’s an ideal system. It is not too much to expect for a time such as today. However, there will always be those few that will spoil the fruits for all. It is every man’s god given right to be able to defend and protect his family.  Here’s an example to make my point:


Your neighbour has a shotgun; you have a handgun and the fellow two blocks away

has a semi automatic Uzi. All three of these are weapons that can kill in an

instant. However , the most damaging is surely the latter.


A nation is what its people are. The government they elect -the oppressor they keep.

The playing field should be equal for everyone and in order to do so, one should have

an election and be able to decide the following:


A. Should we be allowed to carry weapons ?


B. If yes, then what about licensing?


C. What kind of weapons are allowed to be carried by individuals ?


D. Should a system be set up that will be able to track weapons and their usage?


Look at our friends to the South of us, even though there seems to be more crime problems we shouldn’t forget that their population is far greater. It is about time for us Canadians North of the border to learn from other civilizations, certain problems do not need to be experienced. Remember, prevention is better than the cure!


The gun is not the problem- it is the people carrying those guns. Having the biggest and shiniest lethal weapon is not going to protect you if you are in a land of savages. Together we need to build a nation of civil and civic duties. The children of today are the future of our country, so by teaching moral values,  gun control will cease to exist.