Guy’s Only Websites

Guy’s Only Websites

June 2014

With the abundance of fashion blogs, health websites and of course, Pinterest, the Internet is saturated with lady-friendly content with little space for the boys. We searched the web for you and gathered a list of 5 awesome websites guaranteed to kick up the testosterone.

1. The – this website is stocked full of hilarious videos, viral photos and endless pages of ‘randomness.’ The tagline reads ‘Probably the Best Site in the World’ and it certainly has grown a following, with a store that sells KCCO (Keep Calm and Chive On) merchandise, spin-off websites for women and another that gives back to charity.

The Chive

2. – this website may not be males-only, but you won’t be disappointing with the up-to-the-second content. Reddit is an interactive site that provides the hottest news, stories and memes picked by you, the user. With ‘upvotes’, ‘downvotes’ and open-sourced commenting, users get an personalized viewing of basically the entire Internet, making itself quite the community.


3. – the ultimate fashion website for the styled male. Fashion Beans provides a central core of sourced material for those interested in everything fashion-related. With street style, lookbooks, fitness and grooming sections, the links to quality content is endless. Check out their FBTV section for interactive videos.

Fashion Beans

4. – this website covers everything health and fitness related, from workout of the day to eco-friendly tips. The great thing about this site is the articles, all of which are sited with scientific data to steer you clear of misinformation!


5. – for those who crave luxury, check out Uncrate for over 9000 items of the best men’s products. The site prides itself on finding the best and coolest products for its 1.5 million monthly readers. With tons of items at decent prices and some a little out of reach, you’ll find hours lost daydreaming of that got-to-have gadget.


For those looking to kill an hour or two, make sure to check out these websites…but don’t be surprised when that hour turns to countless all-nighters as these sites will keep you coming back for more!