Gym vs. Home: Workouts

Gym vs. Home: Workouts

by Harija Ravi

Working out at the local gym or at your own home is one of the most asked questions. Many people know that exercising is a no brainer to a healthy lifestyle–helping burn calories, reducing the risk of obesity and protecting the heart. There are many ways to exercise and many places to do it. You can exercise and be fit without incurring the expense of joining a gym, but exercising at a gym does provide benefits that you cannot get by working out at home. Let’s just list out the pros and cons!

Working out at the gym:
Workout Buddies and group exercises
Fewer Distractions
More motivation
Higher Investment of money and time
Diversity of equipment

Working out at home:
Time is your hands
Less Crowd
More Privacy
Less Investment
Mood to your likings (such as loud music)

For my personal experiences, I recommend both as I love having my privacy but sometimes I like the ability to be able to join in some group activities. As readers of Fashion Weekly Magazine, which one of these are you interested in: working out at the gym or working out at home?


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