HD Homme- Hussein Dhalla

HD Homme- Hussein Dhalla

June 2014


Hussein Dhalla is our very own local Toronto gem in the menswear industry , designer of HD HOMME. FW had an opportunity to not only feature them on the cover but do a men only shoot with some of their clothing which will be revealed in the course of our Men’s Issue month of June 2014.

We got some real candid answers from Hussein on his collection, inspirations and here they are….

FW: What is your background and how did you get into fashion?


HD: I am a businessman. I believe in working hard to make my dreams come true. I use my craft for designing and styling, as an expression of myself- to me designing is an art form. I am a self taught designer, born and raised in Toronto. I have acquired a strong knowledge of superior fabric choices through trial and error; I began my journey in the fashion industry with a vision to create garments with impeccable craftsmanship and most of all an eccentric collaboration of colour and fabric. From a young age I developed a flare for fashion, as well as a desire to customize clothing and accessories to fit my own taste.


My line HD Homme specializes in custom and ready to wear men’s clothing, specifically evening wear. HD Homme, is a line that serves to bring back the essence and etiquette of the classic gentleman. My line is an extension of me and my taste.



FW: What are your major inspirations?


HD: I am inspired by what the red-carpet should be. Men are missing a flamboyant flare to their closet. I feel as though many menswear designers play it safe and simple, whereas my line is very over the top and I think its about time men take their fashion sense to that level- Whenever you see red-carpet reviews its mostly the women that steal the show- it’s about time men step their fashion game up.



FW: Who is a muse for you?


HD: Drake. He’s versatile, from Toronto and has come so far. When I design I can picture many of my pieces fitting his luxurious and flamboyant lifestyle. I’m generally known as the luxury Tuxedo jacket designer but my new Spring Summer 2015 collection will show case my ability to design classic casual suits as well.



FW: As a Canadian entrepreneur , how do you feel the industry is for newcomers and what advise do you have for others wanting to start their line?


HD: One of the biggest challenges is funding. Having the equity to invest in the creation of my line and the funds to really take my line International and appear on International runways is a constant challenge. Breaking through to the A-list market is also very intriguing and competitive. I would advise for new designers starting their own label to really build a good team to help them manage the business aspect of starting and running a label so that the designer has the liberty and freedom to be creative.