Head Accessories

Head Accessories

Feb 2013

By telisha R

Knitted Bow Head-Bandeaus

These knitted headbands are all the rage right now! Not only are they the latest fashion accessory, but they also keep your ears from freezing in the winter. The oversized bows give these bandeaus a cutesy youthful look that is sure to add flare to any outfit. These headbands have become so popular that it has become the latest at home DIY project for knitters everywhere. From knits to crochet and various different colors, these head-bandeaus are this seasons “it” piece.

knit Bow VarietyKnit Grey Bowknit Pink Bow

Insert Photo: Knit Bow Asos: www.Asos.com

Gold Vine headbands

Gold vine headbands first made their appearance in bridal head ware, and with their mass demand and increase in popularity, people are now pairing them with everyday looks. These vine-like gold leaf headbands have been seen on stars such as Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry.  Pairing the headbands with a messy up-do has been the key trend this season, and we love how they can virtually be worn any way you want, even across the forehead for a more bohemian look.

Gold leaf 3gold leafGold leaf 4

Gold Leaf: www.amandajudgeny.com

Gold Leaf 2: www.etsy.com

Head Scarves are back!

Head scarves are always being cycled back into different eras of fashion; they are flirty, yet mature, and have a very whimsical and vintage feel about them. These hair accessories can be folded and styled in numerous ways and they come in an astonishing amount of different colors and patterns. Pair one with an up-do or simple waves for an edgy look!

Bandana Asos: www.asos.com

Kenzo Hats (Unisex)

Kenzo unisex caps have been popping up all over the scene; these fitted caps sporting an embroidered Kenzo logo are the talk of the town. Kenzo partnered with street wear label New Era, to design this line of unisex caps featuring its famous logo, raised and embroidered above fabrics that feature rich patterns and retro floral patterns. The Kenzo hat looks great on both sexes, a perfect purchase for all the edgy couples out there trying to save a buck.

kenzo-new-era-part3-4kenzo red

To Purchase: www.openingceremony.us