By Daria Kulikova

Perfect poached eggs

The only way to get a perfect poached egg is to have a really fresh batch of eggs.

Method 1: light simmer, low heat, fresh eggs
Bring water to the boil and reduce heat. There must be no bubbles, put the water on simmer. Simmering is not boiling. Boiling smashes everything around. Crack an egg into a small bowl and drop it in the water. Some cooks suggest adding vinegar to firm it up. Well, yes, it works, but it also tastes like vinegar. You’d rather buy fresh eggs and enjoy the taste of actual eggs, not vinegar.

Method 2: light simmer, low heat, no fresh eggs
If your eggs are not that fresh, spin a spoon around in the pan and drop an egg in the very middle, so the water will wrap it around.

Method 3: light simmer, low heat, no fresh eggs
Get a food safe plastic wrap, just a small piece and put it into a little bowl. Splash a bit of olive oil and rub it around. Crack an egg. The best thing about this method is that you can flavor your egg the way you want (e.g. adding rosemary or chopped herbs or spices). Take ends of the wrap and tie them in a knot shaping a tiny bag, and plop it in the water. Another good thing about this method is that you can poach several eggs at the same time. In the end, you’re going to take out a soft, delicate and silky poached egg.