How to Dress for Your Body Type – Valentine’s Day

How to Dress for Your Body Type – Valentine’s Day


Lianne B.


            Are you trying to decide what to wear on your Valentine’s Day Celebration with the one you love?  We all know that we want to look extra special on this day.  However, what we don’t all know is what to wear that will best suit our own personal body types.  Certain styles and silhouettes may suit one body better than the other, not because we aren’t all beautiful, but because our body types vary.  Whether you are going out for a romantic evening with your significant other, going to a party, or spending the night with your best friends, knowing what best accentuates the shape of your body is important. 


            Pear Shape

fit and flaire skirt

            Pear shape means your upper body is smaller than your lower body.  Essentially your hips are wider than your shoulders.  Women who have pear shaped bodies should try to focus on highlighting the waist.  For your Valentine’s Day celebration, you can’t go wrong with a fit and flare cocktail dress, or even mixing a flared high waist skirt with your favorite blouse.

            Rectangle Shape

peplum - rectangle shape

            Having a rectangular shaped body means having hips, waist and shoulders of the same size.  Generally women with rectangular shaped bodies are slim, or petite.  With this body type, try accentuating your arms and legs while creating curves.  Try wearing something that is well tailored, like a peplum dress or skirt that creates gorgeous shapes and lines for you.      

            Apple Shape

apple shape

            If your body is apple shaped, your best assets are your legs, since this body type means generally carrying most of your weight above the hips.  On your Valentine’s Day celebration, try a dress of shirt that has a high neckline and sleeves, while showing off those gorgeous legs. 

            Inverted Triangle Shape


            Women who have this beautiful body shape have broad shoulders compared to their hips and waists, and are usually bigger in the breast area.  Accentuate those assets while staying classy and tasteful with a sweetheart neckline and a soft silhouette.


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