Inside the Fashion World

Inside the Fashion World

It has been an interesting year for the fashion world and with the positives comes the negatives. Regarding the recent fashion shows in New York, the upcoming trends seem to be floral patterns of lace and bright colours. Tied in with that is the re-emerging of the sports punk look with bright colours and random appliques of zippers and buttons.

It was 1954 when the House of Schiaparelli had been closed, that is until Marco Zanini took over as creative director in September 2013. The first Haute Couture collection was revealed in January of 2014, and the surreal designs have garnered attention across the fashion world. Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel were rivals since the early 30’s so you can just imagine the competition between the houses right now.


Kendall Jenner feels she is being bullied because she is too “fat” to be a model. The bullying started at a Spring/Summer fashion show when some of her fellow models made comments regarding her weight. This thin stereotype is a battle that every model faces with from critics let alone each other. Work together ladies and support one another.


On a sad note, world renowned fashion designer Oscar De La Renta passed away on October 20th, 2014. After an 8 year battle with cancer, one of the world’s finest designers peacefully passed away in his home in Kent, Connecticut. A place in every fashion lover’s heart will remember this man and his legacy forever.