Introducing…Nina Möller of Monochrome

It goes without saying that the fashion world is constantly growing and showcasing new talent has
become a bigger priority. It is no surprise that many of the designers showing in NYC, Paris and
Milan are young artists, boasting new modern perspectives on classic silhouettes and textures.

They take strategic risks – and the fashion world eats it right up.

Here at FW, we recognize the importance of upcoming designers- local and worldwide. It is their
ideas and craftsmanship which will shape the fashion world in years to come. So what better way to
show our appreciation for them than by giving something to them that every fledgling artist can use –

Designer Q & A:

FW: What is your name and how old are you?

NM: 25 yrs. old.

FW: Where are you from?

NM: I’m originally from Finland but now living
in Borås, Sweden.

FW: Where did you go to school and what did
you study?

NM: I spent 3 years in Bangkok, Thailand
learning dressmaking and tailoring for women’s
clothing. Then 1 year in Gothenburg, Sweden
on a course called “pattern construction and
sewing” which was somewhat repetition of what
I had learned in Thailand but it was good since
my Thai diplomas aren’t really valued here.
The past year I have been studying a variety
of “short” courses at the University College
of Borås, all courses related to either textile
materials or the design industry in general.

FW: What made you decide to enter the fashion

NM: I have always had a passion for clothes;
I loved making dresses for my Barbie dolls or
cutting up my own clothes just to remake them

FW: What is your collection called?

NM: My collection is called “Monochrome”.
Originally I decided to make it all black but then
added both white and grey to it but still kept it
within a grey-scale.

FW: Describe your collection.

NM: I wanted to make a collection that was very
comfortable to wear and yet classy and feminine.
I find my inspiration in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s but
without trying to make my designs feel vintage.
I’m not trying to imitate vintage designs, I’m only
using it as inspiration. My ideal woman would
be Marilyn Monroe, or at least the curves in a
jersey dress that accentuates her figure but still
allows her to eat a 3 course meal and sit or dance
however she pleases.

FW: How would you describe the target market
for your collection?

NM: The consumer group I could see wearing
my designs would be women between 20-40,
who might go out for a drink or eat dinner at
a restaurant after work and need to look great
and decently dressed at work but can still feel
glamorous in the restaurant or by the bar. Any
day could be a party because one is already
dressed and ready for it.

FW: Who or what is your style inspiration –
whether reflected in your collection, or to your
everyday style?

NM: I love Marilyn Monroe and the fashion
from her time period, so I wear dresses and high
heels as often as I can.

FW: How would you define your personal style?

NM: I often wear dresses so I tend look feminine
and girlie and love to combine them with high heels, but some days the comfort of cargo pants
and sneakers wins.

FW: Personally, what do you think every man
and woman should have in their closet?

NM: Every man should at least have a nice black
shirt in a good quality material and fitted to his
body measurements, because a black shirt goes
well with either jeans or a suit. Every woman
should have a Little Black Dress, it has to be
changed/updated as a woman gets older but the
Little Black Dress is always “right”.

FW: What is the one fashion trend you wish
would go away?

NM: It’s hard to say, there’s always ideas and
inspiration to be found even in the things one
hates and I’ve realized that some things that I
hate at first kind of grow on me although this
doesn’t mean that I would wear any of it, I just
hate it a little less or can like it, seeing it on
someone who can carry it of well.

FW: If you could choose one celebrity to wear
your clothes, who would it be and why?

NM: Shakira. I know that my designs might not
be her style but I love what she represents as an
artist and as a woman and I love her curves.

FW: Why should people buy your clothes?

NM: I offer both comfort and style with clothes
that are gentle to the touch yet elegant to watch,
with a sense that the garment is made with
thought and care but doesn’t cost a lot at the

FW: Where do you see your line/company in 5

NM: In 5 years my brand/company “Fröken
Fatale” will be an established brand in the Nordic
region and have retailers all over the Nordic
countries. Since I have close ties to Thailand I
might try my luck there to see if there are any
possibilities for me to be successful in the Asian
market as well.

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