Iphone 6S Review

Iphone 6S Review

There has been an upsurge throughout the world regarding the iPhone 6S. Many places are experiencing a stock shortage only a few days after its release. So, is the iPhone 6S really as good as we expected? Is it really worth it to own the brand new iPhone?

1. New technology

The iPhone 6S is equipped with a 64-bit, A9 chip, Apple’s latest technology. The official announcement states that you will experience up to 70% faster CPU performance and up to 90% faster GPU performance. On a practical level, what you can expect is to have a smooth performance as you work across apps. You will definitely find that the performance is much faster than other iPhones, especially in utilizing graphics-intensive games and apps. You might not feel the difference if you are playing a game like candy crush, but you will definitely feel it when you play Modern Combat 5!

2. 2GB RAM

The iPhone 6S is the first iPhone that comes equipped with 2GB of Ram. The device has a lot more memory for your tasks and apps. Due to the added space, you will find the phone’s performance to be smooth and effortless.

3. Camera & Retina Flash

If you love to take pictures, you will love the new iPhone 6S; it comes with a 12MP back camera, improved lighting performance when taking pictures at night, and a new technology that will capture 1.5 seconds before and after the photo is taken. When reviewing the image, audio will also be added to enhance your memorable experience. You can also add these images across devices, including to your Apple Watch, as a back-face, using iOS 9. The 6S also possesses a technology called optical image stabilization which will stabilize your phone as you take pictures and video so say goodbye to the blurry, unfocussed images. The iPhone 6S has 4K video technology, which is even better than the 6, and uses less space. Taking 8MP photos, while utilizing 8 million pixels per frame, the video performance of this phone is unparalleled.

4. Heavier and Thicker
iphone 2
If you are an Apple user whose doesn’t like the look of your case, you will find that the iPhone 6S is a little bit heavier and thicker than the iPhone 6. You can actually feel the difference.

Overall, the performance of the new iPhone 6S is good. But due to the subtle changes, you may not find it worth the switch.

By Janagan Thanabalasingam

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