Is There Too Much Sun?

Is There Too Much Sun?

July 2013

by Shenelle B.

Look outside at the beauty of summer. Where the light from the sun shines on a beautiful summer day. Yet, the rays are hot and began to burn your skin. Can there be too much sun? Can something so wonderful be detrimental to one’s skin? People may not realize, but the sun does play a role in skin damage. It is hard to determine how much, it all depends on your skin type. That being it said, it is possible to enjoy the sun and protect your skin. Here are some easy tips everyone should consider.


Firstly, cover up; it is essential that you try to shade your face and head with a hat. Secondly, sunscreen. Apply a layer of sunscreen to reduce skin damage caused by the rays. Speaking of sun screen; applying sunscreen half an hour prior to sun exposure gives it time to absorb into your skin and increases its benefits to your skin. Finally, avoid intense rays by finding shade under trees. Reading in the sun is an amazing, but so is your skin. There is always a way to enjoy the best of both.



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