It’s a Transitioned World The 2014 Canadian International Auto Show Returns Home

It’s a Transitioned World The 2014 Canadian International Auto Show Returns Home

Feb 2014


By: Christopher Mello

Come winter the engine lovers, countdown the days for the legendary Canadian International Auto Show event, held in the coldest month of winter- February, debuting some of the worlds most exotic and extravagant cars on display at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


The auto show exhibits over 1, 000 vehicles ranging from cars, trucks, SUV’s with other featured vehicles such as exotics, classics, motorcycles with the additional newly introduced alternative energy vehicles. Introduced to the Canadian market place in 1974- having the worlds must see cars, like prototypes to a new Audi RS, Nissan, BMW, or a classic, like the 1972 Supreme Cutlass, the prestigious event draws in a crowd on average of about 300, 000 visitors throughout the 10 day showcase, bringing in all forms of media, promotion, families, buyers and collectors. Not to mention the venue is the largest indoor auto show, carrying in a massive 600, 000 square feet, of exuberating displays and grand prize giveaways, with engaging exhibits.


AutoTrader, which is a Canadian print, and online publisher, that attracts over 3.3 million viewers, based solidly off they’re online publication, is the main sponsor for the event, allowing for 125 booths to be rented for exhibitors wanting to promote contests, products, services, etc. The family orientated extravaganza begins February 14th and goes through all the way to February 23rd, so to all those that get chills off the sound of a classic engine or enjoy newly crafted technological gadgets incorporated into automobile, should finds themselves at the show.

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