Jennifer Brouwer Design

Jennifer Brouwer Design

Fri July 6th 2012
By: Ashley DeFrancesco

If you are about to undertake the design of a new home, a major renovation, or an expansion, then this is the article for you. You might have seen this Ontario native on City TV, House & Home Magazine, or in the newspaper. She has been on many publications for her marvellous work.

Jennifer Brouwer is an accomplished interior designer and she is located in Markham, Ontario. She has worked in the industry over thirteen years. Jennifer and her team of design professionals have created over 350 interior design renovation projects, from Rosedale to Oakville. They work with home owners who are building new homes undertaking full service renovations or remodelling entire floors or rooms. They handle everything from concept to completion. That includes working with you to plan your vision and then bring together all the elements including manpower to make it happen. The most successful visual living experiences consistently connect the emotional, the spiritual and the material. With a background in the healthcare industry, lead interior designer Jennifer has unique insight into the relationship of people to their environments and the power of design to help shape and enhance human experience. This philosophy shapes all our interior design. Their sole objective is to give people more of the home they want. Jennifer Brouwer Design believes that if you want to work with a firm who isn’t afraid to ruffle your feathers if you veer off the reality trail – she is all about a comfortable journey that may include a few exciting twists and daring turns but in the end delivers a result that is truly original.

On her website she states that she or her team is not one that tags along and helps you spend your money oblivious to the outcome. She wants what is best for her customer on every design adventure. Brouwer brings the same “how can we maximize value and happiness” to every project. She is known for her “jaw dropping” great rooms to “all you could ever of dream of” kitchens. Jennifer and her team promise is responsible interior design that will make you happy and everyone who sees it… envious.

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