By Dina El Hallak

There’s something about Kanye West and the VMA’s. In 2009 there was THAT incident (how could one forget) and then 6 years later his presence at the MTV-sponsored event still makes the headlines. This year however, Kanye dropped a bombshell that may even surpass his Taylor Swift tirade. Mr. West is running for president!
Kanye was at the VMA’s to collect the Video Vanguard Award for a lifetime of extraordinary achievement. After being introduced by none other than Miss Swift (HA, the irony), Kanye gave the most memorable of acceptance speeches, even by his standards. He ranted- in typical Kanye fashion- about almost everything. But at the end of the speech, he announced his running for the presidential elections in 2020.



Everybody is wondering whether this is a really long joke, a heat of the moment spurt, or if this is actually serious! Social media has erupted with hashtags, memes, and comments from everybody who is anybody, as well as everybody else. Even the White House released a statement saying they are interested to see what he’d put on his campaign hats; a sly dig at Donald Trump and his awful campaign merchandise.
It will be very interesting to know how this plays out, and whether it will at all. But for now the question stands: #KANYE2020 OR NAH?

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